Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Interesting Video on Scobleizer, or Mindmapping can be of Interest to a Wide Audience Like Other Technologies

Just the other day, I saw an interesting video in which I thought many of you might be interested. It was about Mindmapping and it was on Scobleizer’s Videos. Robert Scoble was interviewing Michael Deutch, Chief Evangelist for Mindjet, the company behind MindManager. In the video, Michael discusses Mindmapping in general, MindManager in particular, and then presented a brief demonstration of MindManager. The video is also available as part of the July 24th, 2009 post of the Mindjet Blog.

This is significant to me, and it should also be to those of you who are trying to get coworkers and bosses to use Mindmapping. The obstacle to widespread use is often that there is a false belief that Mindmapping is an obscure, niche technology that will be gone in a year or two, tops. We all know better, but sometimes we need additional ammunition to convince others. This video is the perfect thing, for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Robert Scoble is well known as a technology enthusiast and expert on the up and coming technologies. He generally makes videos about technologies which he feels the community should know about. The general assumption is that he would not waste his time on an obscure, flash-in-the-pan technology that he expects to fizzle out in the near future. Scoble even says in the video that he uses MindManager himself. All of this lends Mindmapping a certain legitimacy.

The second reason that this video is good news for Mindmappers is that the video will, in all likelihood, be viewed by a lot of people. It could be viewed by a large audience made up of people who don’t use Mindmaps. It could even reach some individuals that haven’t even heard of Mindmaps. Scobleizer Videos are broadly viewed throughout the technology community. Not only that, I am aware of several people that don’t follow any technology blogs at all, except for Scobleizer.

Don’t be surprised if a coworker, or a boss, approaches you and asks about Mindmapping, which he vaguely remembers you pitching to him in months or years past. When your boss recognizes the value of Mindmapping, he may not only encourage their use, he may even mandate it!

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  1. Hi Seth

    Great point! When our coworkers ask us why we use mindmapping we should direct them to the video.


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